Don Mills Surgical Unit

Don Mills Surgical Unit 

830 Dixon Rd.
Etobicoke, Ontario M9W 5Z5

Mon-Fri: 7:00AM to 5:00PM

Occasionally on weekends

Toll Free: 1-833-572-5973

Phone: 416-572-5972
Fax: 416-572-5982

Welcome to Don Mills Surgical Unit / Clearpoint Surgical Toronto

Don Mills Surgical Unit Limited has been providing OHIP funded surgery via our Public/Private hospital license under the Ontario Ministry of Health since the 1960s. Our operating name is Clearpoint Surgical Toronto.

About Don Mills Surgical Centre

Don Mills Surgical Unit Limited holds one of the few Public/Private hospital licenses under the Ontario Ministry of Health.  Founded in the 1960s our facility provides OHIP insured services to patients and to injured workers via the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).  We offer a wide range of elective ambulatory care procedures, primarily Orthopedic, Ophthalmology, Plastics, ENT, and General Surgeries.

Working together with our leadership, physicians, nurses, patients, their families, and family physicians we deliver an exceptional care experience for our patients and their families. We proudly serve the diverse communities in Toronto, and beyond.

State-of-the-Art, Modern Facility

Toronto – Clearpoint Surgical Toronto – Dixon (Don Mills Surgical Unit) - Recovery Room

Our new state-of-the-art facility opened in December 2022 and serves patients from all over Ontario. Being centrally located and accessible to major highways, public transport and Toronto International Airport or Billy Bishop Airport allows many patients to easily travel to our facility from other parts of the GTA and cities throughout Ontario.

Our 6 operating rooms, 7 recovery bays and 20 inpatient beds facilitate services for a wide variety of elective non-emergent procedures which do not require acute care hospital services, ie ICU or blood transfusions. 

Working with the Ontario Ministry of Health, Ontario Health and local acute care hospitals our facility delivers thousands of OHIP procedures annually to assist in the efficient and effective management of many wait list procedures.

Toronto – Clearpoint Surgical Toronto – Dixon (Don Mills Surgical Unit) - Operating Room

Surgeons and Specialists

With over 50 highly qualified surgeons and 40 anaesthetists utilizing the latest techniques and equipment. We provide a wide range of innovative surgical and non-surgical options available. Our physicians are leaders in their field and members in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons Ontario, as well as their respective associations.

All of our privileged surgeons also hold surgical rights in local Public Hospitals.  CPSO certified anaesthetists and physicians from Orthopedics, General, Plastics, Ophthalmology, ENT and other surgical specialties are available.  Access to surgical services is made through our surgeons’ practices.  Referrals by your family physician for consultation must be made directly to their offices.  If you are deemed a suitable candidate for surgery here at Don Mills Surgical Unit we will work with your surgeon to schedule your procedure expeditiously.

Trusted & Accredited

Don Mills Surgical Unit is a fully accredited facility by the Canadian Association of Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (CAAASF). This level of quality provides patients the confidence that we operate at the highest level of quality care and service. In compliance with federal and provincial legislation, we adhere to the highest standards of operational, financial and legislative accountability. Our most recent certification in November 2022 was confirmed for 3 years.

We also hold a Certificate of Accreditation Hospital Pharmacy with the College of Pharmacists confirming we are in compliance with the Drugs and Pharmacies Regulation Act 1990 and the regulations made thereunder as to the Accreditation of Pharmacies in the Province of Ontario.  This is renewed annually.

Mission & Values

Clearpoint Health Network is committed to working together with the public healthcare system to take care of the health and wellbeing of Canada’s residents and workforce. By offering timely access to select elective surgeries at our specialized surgery centres, we can do our part to minimize complications, increase productivity, and improve quality of life for Canadians. Our mission and values are at the heart of how we accomplish these goals. 

Clearpoint can be seen as an extension of the public system and can be part of the solution as far as continuation of care and services.

Our Mission Statement

At Clearpoint Health Network, our mission is to become Canada’s leading surgical partner. We are focused on improving the health of Canadians through our partnerships with the provincial public health authorities and Workers’ Compensation Boards (WCB) throughout the nation. We believe that every Canadian is entitled to surgical care that is:

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Timely
  • Delivered in the most ethical manner

Independent centres, like Clearpoint, can play a crucial role in supporting the entire healthcare system. By assisting with ambulatory care, we create more space and resources in the public system for high-risk and emergent surgeries.

Our Values

Our team’s values of compassion, quality, innovation, and respect serve as the pillars of our network and are integrated into everything we do.

Values that Matter


We are patient focused and provide effective care with human kindness.


We are a continuously learning organization that measures, monitors, and improves every day.


We combine innovation with the latest technology and processes to advance surgical care in Canada and better serve patients and providers.


We support, respect, and accept our patients, team members, and partners, while operating with honesty and integrity in providing our services.

Visitor Information


Continued Mask Use at Clearpoint Surgical Toronto

We are maintaining masking requirements in our hospital setting, as we consider based on the population served we are still at risk of an outbreak for our staff and other patients who may be at increased risk of severe outcomes. Continuing to follow masking is an effective way for us to ensure a safe environment for everyone, as well as limit the risk of transmission and outbreaks.

A hospital-approved mask will be required to enter into our buildings and in all common areas (e.g parking garages, etc.).

Patients and Visitors/Essential Care Partners: Arriving at Clearpoint Surgical Toronto can expect to:

  • Receive a screening call 14 days and 24 hours prior to your surgery.
  • Wear a hospital-approved mask when entering any of our buildings and in all common areas (e.g. parking garages etc.). A mask will be available at reception at the beginning of your visit.
  • Clean hands with hand sanitizer upon entering our buildings and before leaving.
  • Visitors to inpatient areas will be asked to sign an attestation log.

  • Your surgical and arrival time will be confirmed with you 24 hours prior to your surgery.
  • Upon arrival, please check in with Administration.
  • Please note that we have very limited space for visitors and therefore recommend family members drop off and pick up only. We will contact your ride 30 minutes before you are ready to be discharged.


  • Parking is available on site. The entrance is located off Attwell Drive.
  • Parking is free underground. Above-ground parking is free for 1-hour or $10 for the day.

Directions via TTC:

Directions via TTC:  from the Keele Street Station you can take the TTC 192 Airport Rocket to 830 Dixon Road (approximately 30 minutes).

Accessibility & Interpreter Services

We believe in diversity, inclusion and accessibility for our patients and our staff. We will treat all people respect and dignity at all times.

We will meet the needs of people with disabilities by preventing and removing barriers to accessibility in compliance with AODA.

If you need help during your visit, tell a member of your health care team. They will connect you with the resources you need.

Interpreter Services

While at the hospital, you can have a family member interpret for you or access private and confidential interpreter services at no charge. Our interpreter services are available for over 175 languages, includes ASL interpreters.

Smoke-Free Facility

We aim to preserve the health of its patients, visitors, staff, physicians, volunteers and community by being 100 percent smoke-free.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the property, including parking lots, entrances and exits. Anyone wishing to smoke is required to leave hospital grounds.

We are a proud supporter of Smoke-Free Ontario and joins many hospitals, businesses, and organizations across Ontario in implementing this important initiative.


The return of visits will be different from before the COVID-19 pandemic period. There will not be a resumption of OPEN visiting at this time. The number of visitors is being restricted for the safety of all patients and staff, as COVID-19 continues to be present in the community.

At the time of discharge your clinical team will reach out to your designated driver and will provide instructions on your care.

Patient Discharge

Please note if you are having a general anaesthetic you are required to have a responsible adult 18+ to drive or accompany you home via taxi. Public transit is not acceptable, nor is it acceptable for patients to drive themselves home. If you have not made arrangements for this pick up and transportation requirement your procedure will be cancelled. Ideally your responsible adult will stay with you for up to 24 hours post surgery to monitor your recovery and provide assistance as required.

If you do not have a responsible adult we can assist you to arrange for a home health care provider to coordinate this service prior to your surgical date.

What Should I Bring With Me To the Hospital?

You should always bring:

  • Your Ontario health card
  • A piece of government-issued photo ID
  • All your medications (in original bottles)

If you use mobility, vision or hearing aids, bring those devices with you.
If you have additional health coverage, bring your insurance information with you.

Is There Anything I Shouldn’t Bring With Me To the Hospital?

We encourage you not to bring any valuables with you to the hospital. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cell phones
  • Laptops
  • Jewellery
  • Cash or credit cards

Do I Need To Pay for My Hospital Care?

If you are an Ontario resident with an OHIP card, OHIP will cover most, if not all, of your hospital services. Some services are “de-listed” by OHIP. Your insurance may still cover some of these services.

Click here for more information about OHIP coverage.

Patient Relations

We’d love to hear from you!

You will receive a Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire following your discharge. Please take a moment to complete it.

Your experience is important to us. Consider sharing your story so that we can continue to serve our community in the best way possible. Was a staff member especially helpful? Are there areas with room for improvement? Your compliments and feedback remind us why we work hard every day.

Submitted stories are sent to the Regional Director, Ontario, the Assistant Director & communications department.

Patient Relations

Phone: 416-572-5972, ext. 51225

Privacy Policy

Collection of Personal Health Information

In accordance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), we collect personal and health information only for lawfully authorized purposes. The collection is limited to that necessary to provide care, to assist in the provision of care and to properly carry out related administrative and reporting obligations. Individuals are never deceived or coerced in order to obtain consent for collection, use or disclosure of their information.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Health Information

Your information is used by the health care team to provide health care and as permitted or required under this or another Act. The health care team is composed of primary care, attending and consulting physicians, residents, nurses, technicians, spiritual care and support staff who are directly involved in your care or treatment or assisting in the provision of care. The health care team uses and shares information with other team members on a “need to know” basis.

Personal health information is disclosed as necessary for the purpose for which it is collected, with consent, and as required or permitted by law. This includes disclosure to your care providers to ensure continuity and coordination of care.

Withdrawal of Consent

Individuals are informed that they may identify certain health information and withdraw consent. Potential health implications are explained if consent is withdrawn. We respect an individual’s withdrawal of consent directive unless this or another Act permits or requires otherwise.

Personal health information is collected and recorded where required by law or established standards of professional and hospital practice. For example, we are required to report communicable diseases, etc. An individual’s withdrawal of consent will not apply in these circumstances or where disclosure is necessary to reduce or eliminate a significant risk of harm to an individual or group.

Challenging Compliance

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our facility’s compliance with your rights under PHIPA, please contact our Privacy Officer at 416-572-5972 ext. 51225, email [email protected], or write to:

Clearpoint Health Network
Privacy Officer
1599 Hurontario Street, Suite 302
Mississauga, ON M9W 5Z5

A complaint may also be made to the Information & Privacy Commissioner (IPC) of Ontario. The Commissioner can be contacted at:

Information & Privacy Commissioner
Attn: Commissioner
2 Bloor Street East, Suite 1400
Toronto, ON M4W 1A8

Phone: 416-326-3333
Fax: 416-325-9195